From low to high interest – Stimulate your customers to take action

Understanding complex financial information can be tricky, so we help you get your viewers involved by making your financial services videos engaging with interactivity. Add CTAs, forms, and feedback options that let your viewers easily navigate through the information they need.

Create value with data

Create relevance with personalized dynamic video. Safely use data from your database to make financial services videos tailored to your customers. Using personalized data makes it easy to get your customers what they need, whether it’s an explanation of a financial statement or the opportunity to pay an outstanding balance directly from a video.

View the case

And see how Swedish pension fund Alecta uses interactive video to explain pensions to soon-to-be retirees.

Scalably immerse customers in your brand

Create a beautiful, relevant and scalable customer experience. Whether you’re using video for different brands, products, or internal departments, simply change the look and feel of our player and your (interactive) video to match your branding.

Fully comply with WCAG

We make it easy for you to reach all of your customers. Add audio tracks and subtitles that enable viewers to watch your financial services videos in their own language or use our accessibility features like textual alternatives, audio descriptions, and our keyboard controllable player to fully comply with web accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

Count on our analytics to gain insight

Learn where viewers engage with your content, on what devices, how long they stay engaged with it, and much, much more. With interactivity, you can measure every action a customer takes within your financial services videos–And we mean everything. You can set up and track custom KPIs like loyalty rates, payment completions, CES, and more.

Engage and inform your customers with financial services videos

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