Keep it confidential

Whether it’s a patient’s personal history, a medical study, or information on a new drug, we understand that data is confidential and give the security the highest priority. You can rest assured that your video content and data are safe in our platform.

Go viral with video

The medical industry doesn’t sit still for long. New studies, medication, and medical procedures appear on a regular basis and healthcare professionals have limited time to stay up-to-date. With video, you attract their attention, allowing them to brush up their knowledge in their own time and at their own pace.

Use interactive and personalized video for healthcare

Improve your (digital) bedside manner

Whether your goal is to educate patients, market a product to healthcare professionals, enrich your study presentation and engage viewers, or to train your staff: interactive and personalized video helps you stand out from the crowd. Add a branching structure so your viewers can easily navigate to content that matters most to them or use overlays to ask a viewer for feedback, book an appointment with a sales rep, or download a brochure — right from the video.

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And discover the possibillities of interactive video

Doctor looking at multiple screens

An analytics platform that's the picture of health

Optimize your workflow and easily connect our platform to the portals and systems you’re already using. Gain even more insights into your audience by using our extensive analytics dashboard, or link it to your own analytics to combine data.

Prescription for a successful video strategy: our all-in-one platform

Use our WCAG features to reach viewers with a disability, engage your audience with channels, or stream surgeries live. No matter what the goal for your healthcare video is, our platform offers you all the features you need.

Find the best medical staff. Stat.

Use video content to make your job postings stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential candidates. With our interactive solutions, you can create videos that allow future staff to apply directly within the video. We take the headache out of hiring, no ibuprofen necessary.

Go with your gut feeling