Call your viewers to action

Allow your viewers to choose the product they want to learn about, click through to a page with more details, or place an “add to cart” button in the video itself–One short click later, your viewers can buy the products that catch their eye.

Meet your customers where they are

Whether you use one of our existing templates or create your own campaign from scratch, you’ll bring engaging and innovative content right to your audience, featuring high completion rates, better brand recall, and significant boosts in purchase intent.

Track every sale

Use our advanced analytics to understand the performance of your interactive video campaigns. With more than 50 filtering options for content type, audience, technology, and engagement, it’s easy to determine what viewers find exciting and what moment prompted them to engage with the video.

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Our video monetization solutions support the latest versions of both VPAID and SIMID.


Create a branded player that showcases several products and redirects the user to their chosen product.


Provides viewers with a variety of clickable options where they choose the most relevant and personalized video path.


Creates new retail opportunities by allowing brands to stimulate the user to make a purchase from within the video itself.

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Customer Success Story of Luma

increase in site traffic
increase in sales revenue
higher brand recall
Creating interactive video ads with our interactive video software

We deployed the shoppable ad as part of our television and digital video brandformance campaign. The transactional video format was the perfect digital extension of our television advertising campaign.

Carmen Viudez, Head of Product Management at AdManufaktur

The possibilities are endless.

Create your own or work with one of our interactive experts for your next campaign.