Delight your viewers with a personal touch

If you want to make your viewers feel special, it’s time to get personal. Personalized (or dynamic) video adapts to individual viewers based on what you know about them. Whether it’s a thoughtful greeting or an annual statement, addressing your audience in a personal way is highly effective–Their completion rates are about 8 times as high as static video. Watch the video to find out how you can engage your viewer with personalized video.

Why use personalized video?


You may be happy spending your life making custom videos one by one, but if you want to speed it up, we can help you. We’ve made it simple to scale across your entire audience, whether it be a hundred viewers or a hundred thousand. Simply link your database and the data in the dynamic video will automatically adapt to each individual viewer.

Increased conversion rates

Don’t just entertain your audience, convert them! Compared with linear video, personalized video in emails leads to significantly higher click-through rates and 6x more transactions.

Eye catching

Inboxes are flooded with newsletters and ads, so it’s critical to stand out from the rest. Grab your audience’s attention with a moment of personal interaction to leave a lasting impression.

Personalized video production

Personalized interactive video

Create tailor-made videos that fit like a glove. With personalized interactive video, viewers get to make their own decisions and choose their path using interactive buttons. Since these videos are more relevant to your audience, completion rates are boosted along with customer satisfaction.

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Types of Video Personalization

Scene personalization

Make it easy for your viewers to identify with the visuals on the screen. Using scene personalization, your viewer is presented with familiar surroundings, like family situations that match theirs. This allows your audience to relate to your content, making it more relevant than ever.

Personalized audio & voice-over

Address all your customers in their native languages. Personalized audio allows your viewers from all over the world to have the same experience in their own language, as the voice-over or audio track adjusts to their location.

Personalized text

If you thought seeing a video with your own name in it was cool, wait until you see what you can create with the other data stored in your database. From paying an invoice to explaining a retirement fund, using your clients’ data makes your personalized videos that much more effective.

Personalized images

Let your audience star on the silver screen. Use your viewers’ photo on a billboard, create a wallpaper with pictures of their favorite pet, or let your audience be the headline in today’s news. The possibilities are endless!

Personalized video message

Realtime & Rendered

Give your audience a personal experience in no time. Render personalized video on-demand or prerender it for a more seamless integration. Either way, your audience gets a video that’s made just for them.

Personalized video and GDPR

Video personalization and GDPR

We care about our viewers’ privacy. When you’re using personal data, it’s important to ensure that the data stays secure. That’s why in our Online Video Platform, the data process is entirely GDPR compliant and anonymized.

Find out how personalized video can bridge the gap between you and your audience