Boost your inventory with Ad Schedules

Maximize the revenue potential of your instream video advertising by implementing Ad Schedules, which allows you to easily create ad pods in pre, mid, and postroll positions.

Connect ALL of your demand. Literally.

Connect any ad server, SSP, network, or exchange and set your own floor prices. The control over your monetization stack is all yours, and you keep 100% of your revenues.

It's time to send your
inventory skyrocketing

What our clients have to say

Blue Billywig’s platform gave us the ability to own the entire video and monetization process in-house with their suite of services. Working closely with their development team has enabled us to implement customized solutions that have delivered substantial revenue growth.

Richard Badley, Head of Commercial Operations at Gamer Network

Prebid for video

Take advantage of all that Prebid for video has to offer without any of the heavy lifting. Prebid player bidding is already built into our player, so simply select your demand sources and you’re all set.

SVOD & PPV Services

Our SVOD and PPV services enable you to monetize your content by offering your viewers payment options for one-off events, time-restricted access, or turning them into subscribers to benefit from recurring payments. As the content owner, you get to define the price, the model, and the methods–it’s all in your hands.

Time to go full stream ahead with instream video